CoVid-19 Update-June 10, 2020

Beamsville Physiotherapy Gradual Reopening!

The Staff of Beamsville Physiotherapy are extremely happy to welcome back all our patients in person! We will continue to do phone consultations and virtual therapy as we expand our service to include in person visits.

On May 26, 2020, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health released changes to Directive 2, allowing physiotherapists and other regulated health professionals to gradually and carefully begin providing all services, including non-urgent care. 

New Policies and Procedures have been set in place to ensure the safety of all patients and staff.

Patient & Staff Safety Measures

  • A COVID-19 Patient screening will take place on the phone or in person at the clinic door prior to your scheduled appointment. A ‘consent to treatment’ must be filled out prior to your session. Staff will also be taking the self screening prior to coming to the clinic.
  • We ask patients to not bring family members or other individuals with them into the clinic, unless the patient is under the age of 16 and needs to be accompanied by a guardian or the patient requires assistance.
  • Patients are required to hand sanitize before entry to the clinic and encouraged to wash and/or disinfect during their therapy session.
  • Patients are required to wear a mask in the clinic (we will provide one if you forget yours).
  • The reception desk and waiting area will be marked with social distancing signage, staff and patients are expected to maintain this social distancing.
  • You will be directed by a staff member upon arrival to the clinic and your therapist will escort you to their treatment room.
  • Areas patients come in contact with, will be consistently and thoroughly sanitized by clinic staff.
  • Appointments will be staggered to minimize patient interaction between other patients and to accommodate the extra disinfecting required between patients.

We are encouraging patients to call the clinic to find out about hours and appointment availability. Gradual return to physiotherapy practice does not allow us to open to full capacity just yet, so we are asking everyone to be patient with us, as we begin to re-book our schedules.

Telehealth/Virtual Physiotherapy

Now that we are open, we will continue to provide telehealth, a virtual physiotherapy service over the internet. Your physiotherapist can discuss this option with you during your phone consultation. As we gradually reopen, we are optimistic that the new normal will include meeting your physiotherapy needs.

Thank-you for your patience, we all need to do our parts in slowing the progression of this virus. Please follow our public health guidelines.

Beamsville Physiotherapy

Effective Individual Care

Welcome to Beamsville Physiotherapy, providing effective, evidence-based physiotherapy to residents of Beamsville, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Grimsby and surrounding areas in West Niagara. We are distinguished for the pride we take in the accuracy of our assessments, because we know that is the foundation of effective, permanent healing. We then match our program of physiotherapy to deal with the issues we have identified.

You will receive attentive one-on-one care from our experienced physiotherapists in the comfortable, bright environment of our Ontario Street clinic.

We care about the people in the communities we serve and have been an active supporter and sponsor of sports teams for two decades.

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Physiotherapy in Beamsville ON

Sports Injuries

We treat sprains, strains and post-fractures to get you back in the game. We have physiotherapists with extensive experience with gymnastics/dance/figure skating, baseball, hockey, and golf injuries.

Workplace and Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

We have the expertise to help you recover from these injuries so you can regain your active lives.


We treat musculoskeletal injuries and conditions that impact your life.

Upper Extremity Program

We are experienced in helping you recover from hand and arm injuries and surgeries.


We offer acupuncture to treat a variety of painful disorders, both acute and chronic.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

We offer Pelvic Health Physiotherapy as a safe, gentle, effective treatment option for pelvic floor muscle dysfunction such as: incontinence, bladder/bowel urgency, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain and others.


Do you suffer from jaw pain? At Beamsville physiotherapy you will work with a registered physiotherapist, trained through post graduate course work, in the assessment and treatment of TMJ dysfunctions.

Custom Knee Braces

We customize braces for arthritic (unloader) and ligament instability (ACL) knees.